Could you just mention the acts which are discouraged during Fasting?


A. (Dr. Zakir): The acts that are discouraged (while Fasting) and are contrary to the ‘Sunnah’:

  1. A person should not say the ‘niyyah’ (intention) aloud
  2. A person should not eat excessively, during ‘Iftar’ or in the night
  3. A person should not get angry
  4. People read the ‘taraweeh’ very fast, they rush through the ‘taraweeh’
  5. People socialize during ‘Iʿtikāf

The actions which are normally prohibited, and specifically during Ramadan also it’s prohibited:

  1. Backbiting and slandering, these are one of the major sins
  2. False speech and telling lies
  3. Verbal abuse and swearing
  4. Vulgar speech
  5. Rumor mongering and gossiping
  6. False action
  7. Listening to un-Islamic songs and music
  8. watching un-Islamic programs on the television and un-Islamic movies
  9. Reading un-Islamic magazines and books
  10. Going to un-Islamic websites
  11. Wastage of food
  12. Extravagance and being spendthrift

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