What does the term ‘Husn-e-Salook’ mean and what does it mean to be good to your family?

A. (Dr. Zakir): During the month of Ramadan, normally people have another excuse that because they’re fasting, they seem to be tired, they seem to be as though they have been drawn. Prophet ﷺ advised that you should look cheerful and happy, you should not look to be sad. And we should especially be good to our family and give more time to our family so that they get reward along with you. As far as the ‘husne-e salook’ with other people, this is the month where besides the normal months, in this month, you should be extra good to the people, to your neighbors, to your friends and relatives, do good deeds, forgive their faults, be happy with them, be cheerful. And we should also do ‘tafakkur’ (i.e. to think) and plan our day in Ramadan.

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